Automobile Accident FYI

Whether you’re involved in a simple fender bender or more a catastrophic accident, it’s hard to think clearly after an auto accident. This short checklist will help you know what steps to take after an accident.

Feel free to print out a copy and keep it in your car. It’s just another way Bryton Insurance Agency helps our clients!

Determine the Extent of Damage or Injuries – Try to stay calm to determine the extent of damage, and if there are any injuries that require medical attention.

File an Accident Report with the Police – Even in a minor accident, it is important to make sure there is a legal accident report. Do not leave the scene until the police file a full report.

Discuss the Accident Only with the Police – When you’re not thinking clearly, your account of what happened may not be accurate. Do not admit any fault or liability. Talk about the accident with the police and your insurance agent only.

Get the Facts – Most importantly, write down the following information:
— Names, addresses and phone numbers of everyone involved in the accident
— Description of the car and license plate number
— Insurance company
— Vehicle identification number

Call your agent or insurance company, even at the scene if possible. If you have more questions, click here to contact Bryton Insurance Agency.